I’m Amber and a photographer for the greater Phoenix area.  Like many photographers, I started out with photography as a young kid.  I watched my older brother in his darkroom that was crafted and shared with our laundry room. The big enlarger was fascinating and watching pictures develop in the tray of chemicals was wonderous to me.  In his bedroom he had a huge collage that he created from photos cut out from magazines, mainly from Arizona Highways.  A few pictures are still embedded in my mind.  I’d find myself getting lost at all the beautiful images on that collage my whole childhood.  I was gifted a Poloroid in 6th grade and loved that thing!  My mom would let me use her 35mm point and shoot when we would go out on trips or just to take pictures of my cats..  Finally in high school I took photojournalism and took pictures for the yearbook.  I felt like a cool kid hanging out in the darkroom back then.  In college, I took a few classes but I never really got fully into photography as a major hobby until digital cameras came out and I was able to read how to edit from forums online.  I am mainly self-taught and have watched countless tutorials to refine my craft.


I have photographed just about everything but my favorite subjects are high-school seniors and headshots for children and teens.  I do enjoy a good one year-old cake smash as well as photographing dancers.  See something that interests you?  Reach out and see if I’m a good fit.